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Forgotten 80’s Toon Intros!


Ahhh yes, remember saturday morning during the 80’s, or racing home to catch your 3 o’clock cartoons after school?? It was a nostalgic time, it was a time when the brain was fed a healthy dose of imagination and just awesome animations and a mix of off-beat and popular characters. Here we have an awesome playlist of 80’s toon intros, thanks to YouTube user @Powergate1980s… ENJOY!

Wait… DID YOU KNOW there were two Ghostbusters cartoon series during the 80’s!?.

For years, we thought the Filmation version was a ripoff of the famous Columbia Pictures film GHOSTBUSTERS with Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray. But no, no, au contraire my friend, it’s actually the other way around… Columbia Pictures actually had to obtain license rights from Filmation, due to the fact that Filmation actually created the name and produced a live action series in 1975. After the success of 1984’s Ghosbusters, they then produced an animated series based on their original series in ’75. While they received a $500k purchase in the license of the name, and 1% profit from the film (which they did not really collect on because the movie did not become a huge success until later), they actually got the raw end of the deal in the long run, being turned down on a team up to produce an animated version together with Columbia; and ultimately losing out on the legitimacy of their name and creation.


We should have asked for the animation rights for their (Columbia’s) Ghostbusters as part of the settlement.

Ultimately, for you 80’s buffs, you know and share the love for both Ghostbusters properties. While both are really campy, and provide plenty of funny cheese — The question comes down to, which ghost busting team do you prefer?… The one with a whacky facial gesturing car and gorilla sidekick, OR, the one with a platinum blonde Egon, handsome Dr. Peter Venkman, and a green slime spud, Slimer?…

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